Top 5 Best Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

If cooking is your love language, you’ll want to view this list!

Let’s start with the obvious… Lady and the Tramp secured Spaghetti and Meatballs a top spot on the menu for any romantic occasion. Maybe not the best first date food, unless you’re skilled at the art of twirling. But for me there’s nothing more seductive than a slow braised tomato sauce being spoon fed for tasting just before it’s ready to hit the table. Countless movie scenes have used this scenario for good reason. Pour me a nice glass of red wine and you’ve stolen my heart.

#2 A classic – steak dinner.

It’s time to splurge. Head to your local butcher and find the best steak on display. I think a Tomahawk would be impressive, and the sharing factor makes it even more Valentines-y. I’d prepare the sides family-style too, with classics like mashed potatoes (heart shaped of course), Mac N Cheese, creamed spinach, crispy brussels sprouts, mushrooms etc. Roll out a tableside Caesar salad? That’s marriage material.

#3 Homemade Pizza

At our house pizza is love… and obsession. My husband and I will frequently spend an entire day hanging out by our wood oven and experimenting with different pies. Sheet pan, deep dish, whatever turns you on. Pizza is date night in my books, Valentine’s day included.

#4 Sushi

I’m not suggesting you lay yourself out as an edible arrangement like Samantha did in Sex & The City… ; ) But, sushi is sexy – am I right? Valentine’s day is a great excuse to test your skills at maki making. The fun is making it together and you can always order from your local spot if things don’t work out as planned.

#5 Fondue for Two

Splurge on a fondue set because it will be worth every penny. You’ll have dinner and dessert covered, because one should always start with cheese and end with chocolate. My favorite item to dip in the cheese is simply sourdough bread, but you can also lay out veggies like new potatoes and broccoli. Make it a surf and turf by offering shrimp and steak bites – yum. A classic finish to any valentine’s day meal is a chocolate covered strawberry (or 10), but serving them as fondue gets you extra points and I’m betting extra kisses too.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy,

Fia Pagnello, Founder and CEO

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