Wishing you the best in 2018 as we reflect on a successful year at Kiss the Cook Catering

As we settle in for the holidays, take time to relax with family and friends and reflect on the year gone by—not to mention resting up and getting ready for the New Year—we wanted to take an opportunity to look back on a successful and blessed year in 2017. Indeed, it’s been an incredible year of growth here at Kiss the Cook Catering.

We logged record sales across all catering categories, from weddings to corporate functions. We also catered an unprecedented number of events. To meet client demand, we had the opportunity to grow our amazing group of employees and develop new partnerships with an exemplary network of complementary service providers.

And we’re not taking our foot off the growth pedal any time soon. We’re already putting plans in place to accommodate further growth, including adding additional staff, and expanding the number of events we cater in the year ahead. It’s going to be a very exciting 2018!


Food delivery

The past year also saw the opening of our brand-new Food Studio—the kitchen where our chefs work their culinary magic. Having this new specialized space for food preparation has allowed us to be even more innovative as we cater ever-larger events, many topping more than 500 guests. We also opened a new bookings office and created new administrative roles to help us continue providing order accuracy as we take on more bookings. This helps us deliver a stress-free catering experience from start to finish, which has played an essential role in our business, leaving you to live and love every moment of your fantastic Kiss the Cook-catered events.

You might have noticed another major change around here. This year we decided that growing and becoming even more sophisticated as a business called for a little facelift. So, we decided to rebrand with a gorgeous new logo, an amazing new website and an informative blog and newsletter to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest goings-on here at Kiss the Cook, all while serving up great food-and-design-related content sure to spice up your next event. At the same time, we expanded into a new line of branded desserts and sweet tables perfect for weddings and corporate functions. The latter is an innovative addition to our catering line-up that’s already become a surefire crowd pleaser and a signature Kiss the Cook feature.

Sweet tables

Think of our branded desserts as a fun way to put a unique, personalized spin on your event. We even expanded our event design services in collaboration with some of Toronto’s top event designers, adding a branded event service element to our always-scrumptious catering services.



Then there’s our uber-inventive food stations. Because we’re huge fans of experiential cuisine, we got a little crazy (in a good way!) on the creative front when dreaming up new food station ideas. This year we put together interesting hand-pulled noodle, poutine, pierogi and pasta stations. One highlight was our much-hyped Pasta Cacio e Pepe dish flambéed with brandy and tossed in a giant wheel of Parmesan cheese that we debuted at this year’s Toronto Catering Showcase.

The giant wheel of pungent parmesan made this a show-stopper station and garnered our booth huge attention.

In the New Year, we’ll be launching a signature line of food stations that will incorporate branded event design and the excitement of experiential food preparation in one amazing package. We’re one of the city’s first caterers to focus as much on visual experience as the taste of our signature dishes, so we’re determined to blow your mind with our new creations. We can’t wait to show you what we’re cooking up!

BBQ station

One of our most popular menus—and one we’ll be taking to new levels in 2018—is our unique BBQ fare. Turns out our customers aren’t the only ones who love it—BlogTO named us one of the Top 50 Catering options in Toronto with a special mention of our BBQ catering! Our BBQ stations are a great option for weddings and outdoor events, and we’re going to be offering even more delicious options in the months ahead. We’re currently redesigning our menus for 2018, so stay tuned for their release in the early New Year.

We’re also proud to have been able to continue our charitable work, and look forward to doing even more in 2018. That’s included giving back to the organizations we’ve been engaged with for years such as Easter Seals, Sick Kids Hospital and March of Dimes. Oh, and ever wonder where your leftovers go? Unused, excess food from our events is delivered to our local homeless shelter, Homes First Society. We’re firm believers in the idea that businesses of all sizes have a responsibility to give back to their communities—and our staff love being involved and helping out, making our involvement a win-win for everyone.

And that brings me to our wonderful team.

None of this would be possible without their dedication, hard work and commitment to excellence.

I’m truly amazed by the ideas our team brings to the table, not to mention the creativity they display when we cater events of all sizes and types. They’re our backbone and give life to this business each day.

And to you, our wonderful clients—without your support, we wouldn’t be able to continue growing, creating amazing new dishes or staging exciting events. You give us a million reasons to keep doing what we love to do, so I’d like to offer a huge ‘thank you’ for your ongoing business.

So, to you and yours, have a very happy holiday season, a wonderful New Year and great success in 2018!


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