Fried Food

Food stations bring creativity and culinary flare to any event

It’s hard to pinpoint when food stations became a popular fixture across the event and catering industry, but what we do know is that this hot trend isn’t going anywhere soon.

On the contrary, these live culinary showcases are in high demand. We regularly see clients requesting a food station for their event—be it a wedding, corporate function, social party or other affair. But rather than just including any old food station, people are looking to use these live-action spectacles to add some unique, customized flare to their party.


First point: Because they’re awesome! Besides that, food stations offer a break from the catering norm. They give hosts an opportunity to add a touch of personalized creativity to their event in an affordable way. They can also be designed to suit virtually any taste, dietary need or preference. That could come in the form of a vegetarian sushi station, for example, or a fun fusion pasta station.