Hall Crown Event Venue

Toronto’s diversity on display at the Hall Crown Event Venue

Toronto’s civic motto—Diversity: Our strength—has become emblematic of this city’s ability to attract the best and brightest from around the world. Indeed, Toronto is one of the most multicultural metropolises on the planet. A walk down Queen Street or through any of the city’s distinct neighbourhoods can offer exposure to hundreds of different cultures and languages in just a handful of blocks.

Whenever we think of diversity as our strength, we should also give mention to the delicious cuisine and cultural traditions we enjoy thanks to robust immigration from other countries. We’re lucky to be able to taste the world with a quick cab ride from one district to another, or sometimes by simply walking around a corner.

We’re also lucky to have event spaces where that wonderful diversity comes to life as our many cultural communities come together to enjoy parties or share in celebrations. Which begs the question: Can a single space exemplify the very best that our city has to offer? In this case, the answer is a resounding, Yes!

North York’s Hall Crown Event Venue bills itself as the “premiere event venue of the Armenian Community Centre (ACC) of Toronto.” Accordingly, the space hosts a range of events from traditional Armenian dance competitions and community fundraisers, to birthdays and weddings. But it doesn’t end there. This truly is a blank canvas space that you can customize to suit your own tastes and style.

The Hall Crown is more than a hub for the Armenian community. It plays host to a full cross-section of Toronto’s many ethnic groups. According to Hall Crown event coordinator Araxie Bilawejian, an emphasis on pleasing disparate communities across cultures, and hosting a full range of events, requires a flexibility and creativity that sets the stage for unforgettable experiences. That willingness to go the extra mile lands the Hall Crown firmly on our list preferred venues!

“We definitely go out of our way to please our clients,” Bilawejian explains.

The space was first opened in 1979, before undergoing extensive renovations in 2012. The versatile banquet hall can accommodate up to 500 guests for a formal plated dinner with a dance floor—perfect for weddings, banquets or corporate events—or up to 1,000 guests for stand-up cocktail receptions. The room also features a divider to accommodate more intimate gatherings, or to host multiple events simultaneously.

The venue’s amenities don’t end there. The adjacent community centre also houses conference, meeting and seminar rooms, not to mention a café and restaurant. Again, the emphasis is on serving the entire North York community, which explains why cultural, spiritual and educational programs are also hosted on-site.

Of course, maintaining a highly friendly atmosphere and catering to a diverse crowd is wonderful, but a leading event venue needs more—think outstanding service and great food. The Hall Crown has a reputation for delivering both with precision and flare.

“Our focus has always been to listen to our clients and bring their vision to reality,” Bilawejian says. “We want to make them happy on their big day and make their life easy. A huge part of that is ensuring they have fun at their event, while leaving the stressful parts to our team to manage.”

The Hall Crown features a world-class, in-house catering team, and partners with leading caterers on a regular basis. “We love working with Araxie and her team because they’re not only flexible and accommodating, but they’re also extremely professional and know what it takes to exceed clients expectations,” says Kiss the Cook Catering founder Fia Pagnello.

It should come as no surprise that Hall Crown’s chefs specialize in Armenian cuisine. From traditional dishes such as sarma (meat filling wrapped in grape leaves), homemade hummus and juicy kebabs, to delectable desserts and delicious lavash (breads), their chefs bring the best of Armenian cuisine to life. And trust us, it’s worth a visit to Hall Crown just to taste some of these delicacies!

When they’re not preparing those distinctive dishes, Hall Crown welcomes the likes of Kiss the Cook Catering and a preferred list of service providers to ensure their clients have access to the full gamut of Toronto’s best caterers.

That brings us back to that earlier discussion about diversity.

When the Hall Crown isn’t hosting the local Armenian community, the space can be an amazing patchwork of accents and ethnicities from around globe. In summer, for example, the venue plays host to Caribana fundraising events featuring the week-long extravaganza’s signature West Indian costumes, Soca and reggae music, and dancing.

Whatever the group or their event focus, Hall Crown has the dedicated staff and a commitment to excellence that never fails to put a smile on guests’ faces.

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