Pink Lady Catered Wedding

A Pink Lady-themed shoot capturing the magic of Fall weddings

We’re often asked to describe the look and feel of a custom-designed Kiss the Cook Catering wedding. A couple of years ago we contributed to a fall photo shoot along with renowned photographer Alicia Thurston. The resulting images capture the very best of our branded events, not to mention autumn’s gorgeous colours, refreshingly cool weather and potential as the perfect time of year to tie the knot. Of course, with the season inevitably comes a bountiful harvest of apples, which happened to provide bushels of creative inspiration to our team.

So much so that we built the theme of this wedding shoot around one of our favourite varietals, the delicious and crisp Pink Lady Apple. Our team worked with Alicia (who also took these amazing photos) and decided to customize a Pink Lady-inspired colour palette pulling from the apple’s natural pinks, light reds and peach tones, while developing a cocktail menu full of comfort food favourites. You can see a full list of the incredible team members that put the shoot together, as well as a full gallery of photos on the Wedding Chicks blog. Our favourite snaps are included in the gallery below.

Our menu for the shoot included applewood smoked candy bacon, a maple baked bean skillet with Bourbon BBQ glazed pork tenderloin–and to stick with our seasonal theme–caramelized apples and homemade corn bread. Our list of bite-sized edibles didn’t end there. We also prepared mini steak frites, truffle mac n’ cheese, mini beef meatballs with stout barbeque sauce and Japanese squid ink pasta salad with shrimp. We topped it off with chilled espresso and mini doughnuts for a light and energizing finish. The menu selection was designed for couples looking to combine traditional treats and modern cuisine on their wedding day–all served with our dramatic Kiss the Cook Catering flare!

All photos courtesy of Alicia Thurston.

pink lady wedding bride

Our bride with a bright pink balloon for her wedding day

Fall wedding flowers

A wedding bouquet inspired by Pink Lady hues.

Pink Lady wedding fall

Our bride shines on a gorgeous fall day.

Pink lady fall wedding

Pink Lady-themed accessories help bring our event design to life.

Caramelized apples and homemade corn bread

Truffle mac n’ cheese ramekins


wedding day service

Excellent service is essential to making a perfect wedding day.

mini steak frites

Our mouth-watering mini steak frites served on a perfectly chosen Parisian plate

Chilled espresso with glazed donuts

Chilled espresso with glazed donuts

maple baked bean skillet with Bourbon BBQ glazed pork tenderloin

Maple baked bean skillet with Bourbon BBQ glazed pork tenderloin

Japanese squid ink pasta salad with shrimp

Japanese squid ink pasta salad with shrimp

Applewood smoked bacon candy

Applewood smoked bacon candy. Irresistible!

pink lady wedding cake and apples

Reflecting the Pink Lady apple theme in every aspect of our design.


Gorgeous stationery by Ferris Wheel Press.

apple serving dish

Caring for every detail, right down to the apple serving dishes.

pink lady wedding cake

No wedding is complete without artisan-crafted cakes.

candied pink lady apples

Candied Pink Lady apples

pink wedding cake

Capturing the Pink Lady’s unique hues in a delectable tiered wedding cake.