Some of Toronto’s top event planners reveal their design predictions for 2018

If you’re planning a major event in 2018—be it a wedding, a corporate gathering or some other kind of social get-together—there’s a good chance that you’ve already started thinking about design, catering and logistical considerations for your function. Being on-trend is surely top of mind.

We don’t blame you for wanting to plan and stage a fashionable party. Recently on the event design front, we’ve seen the rise in popularity of all things distressed—from fabrics to barn board—used to add texture and distinctive style to everything from wedding high tables to serving stations. At the same time, the re-emergence of formality remains on pause (if it ever fully comes into vogue again) as planners and their clients continue to embrace casual elegance and the hipster-friendly shabby chic look that’s come to dominate our industry’s aesthetic over the past few years.

While the coming year won’t see a complete departure from some of the popular event design directions of 2017, we are seeing new trends emerge. To pinpoint exactly what we should expect to see in 2018, we polled some of Toronto’s top event planners and designers—not to mention Kiss the Cook Catering’s own Fia Pagnello—to narrow down our list of top design trends.

Without further adieu, here’s a sneak peek of how your events will take shape in the year ahead:


Innovative textures are here to stay-Rebecca Chan, Rebecca Chan Weddings and Events

Wedding planner Rebecca Chan predicts a continued growth in popularity of fun textural elements to add a unique look and feel to events, especially those that reflect the host’s personal tastes. She’s already seeing everything from balloons to interesting place-settings used to define spaces and enliven tabletops. She thinks we’ll see this trend really take hold in 2018.