Summer Lovin’: Hot Trends in Wedding Catering for the Sunny Season

As the sunny season arrives, so do many new and exciting trends in wedding catering. 

Summer weddings provide the perfect opportunity to get creative with your menu and offer your guests unique and memorable dining experiences. 

Here are some of the hottest trends to consider for your summer wedding:

Late Night Snacks: Comfort Foods Reimagined

After hours of dancing and celebrating, your guests will appreciate a late-night snack to keep their energy up. Comfort foods are making a big comeback, and options like mini pizzas, taco bites, and classic Canadian poutine are crowd-pleasers. These snacks are delicious and add a fun and casual vibe to the later hours of your celebration.

Poutine Station

All Vegan / Vegetarian Menus: Delicious and Sustainable

With an increasing focus on sustainability and healthy living, all-vegan or vegetarian menus are becoming popular for weddings. From delectable vegetable wellingtons to vibrant quinoa salads, these menus can be both nutritious and incredibly flavorful. A plant-based menu can also cater to a broader range of dietary needs, ensuring all guests feel included and satisfied.

Cauliflower Steak with Chickpeas, Kale & Romesco

Interactive Food Stations: Chef-Led or Build-Your-Own

Interactive food stations are a hit at modern weddings, providing entertainment and a personalized dining experience. Chef-led stations where dishes are prepared in front of guests add an element of theatre to your reception. Alternatively, build-your-own stations, such as taco bars, slider setups, or pasta stations, allow guests to customize their meals, making the dining experience more engaging and fun.

Sliders Station

Al Fresco Style Lunch: Daytime Weddings in the Sun

Daytime weddings are perfect for the summer season, and al fresco-style lunches are a delightful alternative to traditional dinner receptions. Set up long, communal tables under the shade of trees or canopies and serve light, fresh dishes ideal for a sunny afternoon. Think of Mediterranean-inspired spreads with fresh salads, grilled vegetables, and antipasti. This approach creates a relaxed, picnic-like atmosphere perfect for daytime celebrations.

Backyard Wedding

Ditch the Fork and Knife: Finger Foods Only

Embrace summer’s casual, laid-back vibe by offering a menu of finger foods only. This trend encourages mingling and allows guests to sample a variety of bites throughout the event. Options can include canapes, sushi rolls, and satays. 

Bite-sized treats are easy to eat and can be served in creative, visually appealing ways, adding to the overall charm of your wedding.

Passed Poke Cones

Post-Wedding Brunch: The Perfect Farewell

Why limit the celebration to one day? Hosting a post-wedding brunch the morning after is a fantastic way to extend the festivities and spend more time with your loved ones. Think mimosas, gourmet coffee, pastries, and savoury and sweet brunch items. A relaxed gathering for brunch allows guests to relive the highlights of the wedding day while enjoying a leisurely meal together.

Omelette Station

These summer wedding catering trends are about creating unique, enjoyable, and memorable dining experiences for you and your guests. Whether planning an elegant affair or a casual celebration, incorporating these ideas will ensure your wedding is the talk of the season.

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