Barbecue condiments

Presenting our top five favourite summer 2018 barbecue condiments

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a deliciously-crafted chuck patty or a perfectly-seasoned piece of rich salmon wafting up from the barbecue in summer time. Cooking outdoors puts a smile on everyone’s face and creates the ideal setting to revel in the all-too-brief time Canadians can comfortably enjoy cooking outdoors. I can’t think of […]

Kiss the Cook Executive Chef Steven Sinclair

Introducing Kiss the Cook Catering’s new Executive Chef Steven Sinclair

Most chefs develop a passion for their craft while watching other culinary wizards at work. Kiss the Cook Catering Executive Chef Steven Sinclair did the same, but in his case that first source of inspiration was his family’s kitchen. Steven developed a passion for food by helping his mother prepare meals from an early age. […]