Need Healthy Corporate Lunch Ideas? – Try this!

Is it possible to order healthy food and please everyone on the office team? YES.

Even the guy that’s the bottomless pit? YES.

How? The answer is our buddha bowls and today we’ll show you why.

1. They are big. 

Let’s kick-off with the fact that they are BIG. If you’re going to eat a salad for a meal, we want you to start by being impressed at how plentiful it is. The moment you set eyes on it, your internal voice will be saying “wow”.

Our Buddha Bowls are individually boxed/plated so you don’t have to worry about portioning. Everyone gets the same plentiful bowl, brimming with fresh, colorful, tasty ingredients. They really are a feast for the eyes.

2. They are balanced. 

This point is all thanks to our chefs, whom understand the importance of balance. Not only balancing flavors (such a chef-y thing to do), but also considering the components of each buddha bowl and pairing them thoughtfully for the best eating experience.

Each bowl, features a delicious protein. Chicken, salmon, beef, vegetarian and vegan options are showcased in the curated collection of bowls on our Corporate menu. These designer salads come with a starch, loads of fresh veggies and a homemade dressing that pulls everything together into a flavor bomb with every bite.

3. You will feel good. 

The last thing you want to do is to fall asleep in the meeting. A few slices of pizza can send you off counting sheep when you’re supposed to be counting wins in the last quarter. Don’t worry. That won’t be the case after noshing on a Kiss the Cook Buddha Bowl. This is the perfect lunch if you want to feel energized, happy, healthy and ready to reach new heights on the job.

Giving feels good, am I right? Just wait until you hear your co-workers raving about your choice of lunch menu. It’s nice to be appreciated for having such good taste. Mix up the options (minimum of 8 per kind) to ensure that everyone finds their favorite bowl on the buffet.


4. We have off-menu specials every week. 

Have you tapped into our Daily Catering Menu specials just yet? Monday and Friday features a new buddha bowl every week. These custom menus created by our executive chef are intended for keeping variety for those that order on a regular basis.

If you’re not ordering catering daily, you can still take advantage of these specials for meetings and events at a value price of $22.00 per person. Keep watch of the calendar by subscribing and plan ahead for your favorites. Why shouldn’t we plan our lives around the next great meal?


5. The Melting Pot  

They say Toronto is a melting pot of cultures and we like to celebrate that diversity through our cuisine. You’ll find this reflected in the menu with our buddha bowls featuring flavors such as Thai, Japanese, Greek, Middle Eastern, Mexican and more. If you can’t decide on one kind of cuisine for the group, this allows you to taste the globe.


Zero Regrets

The last thing any of us need in this crazy, busy life, is more stress. When it comes to catering, we’re here to make your life easier. Lean into our expertise and trust that we’ll go above and beyond to make meal time the most enjoyable part of the day – well, besides the loved one’s you share it with.

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