Our Stuffed French Toast Recipe Is A Must-Try For The Holidays

I was going to end this blog post with the next four images, but I’ve reconsidered. I think it’s more appropriate to see the reaction on Chef Swapnil’s face after tasting this recipe, and then you’ll be convinced that it’s a must-try. I am confident that your reaction to the first bite will be similar.

We have a lot of fun around here.

If you like things that make you go “mmmmm” as much as we do, then let’s go on a stuffed French Toast making journey together.

Step 1: selecting the bread. We picked up the perfect loaf at Katsupan in Scarborough. They make awesome Shokupan, which is a Japanese Milk bread. They have flavors like French Cocoa, Sweet Matcha and Vanilla (we chose vanilla for this recipe). Take note that the loaves are sharing size if you plan to use a whole one. Actually, let me correct that last statement – recommended for sharing. Since my executive chef debates that he’d eat the entire thing.

*Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Katsupan (although we highly recommend it and they deliver), any milk bread loaf will work just fine.

Before getting started, prepare your mise en place. For this recipe you’ll require the following items in addition to the bread; Pumpkin pie puree, Butter, heavy cream, whipped cream (either store bought or homemade), 3 eggs, vanilla extract, mixed berries, caramel sauce, candied pecans and salt.

Let’s rock! If you’re using a larger loaf, cut it to size and trim off any crust. You’ll also need to carve out the center of the box for stuffing. You can save a piece of the carved square for putting a lid on the toast later.

We felt like pumpkin pie today, but there are endless types of filling you can use. Think along the lines of cheesecake filling, ice cream, strawberries and custard, Nutella and bananas, the list can go on and on…

This is gonna be gooooood.

Next we’re going to beat three eggs. Add one tablespoon of vanilla extract, a pinch of cinnamon, pinch of salt and a couple tablespoons of heavy cream. Stir to combine.

It’s bath time!

Be sure to coat all sides of the bread and don’t forget to spoon some egg mixture into the center. Let it soak in well.

Bath time isn’t over yet. Get your butter going in a skillet over medium high heat. You can add dash of vegetable oil to help prevent the butter from burning and smoking.

We’re not counting calories today.

Sizzling with anticipation…

It’s time to give this sucker a tan.

You’ll want to look for a nice brown color to develop on each side before turning.

We’re not done cooking just yet. Preheat your oven to 350F.

Total cook time will be about 15 mins, and you’ll want to rotate the toast every 4 mins or so to prevent any side from crisping up too much.

In the meantime you can start plating.

Be Chef-y about it.

Caramel Swoosh.

Fresh berries of your choosing.

Our combi oven plays a nice jingle when things are ready.

OH BOY, OH BOY, I can hardly wait!

If you are a fancy person that owns a piping bag, and have decided to make your whipped cream from scratch. Pat yourself on the back and get that bag ready.

If you are the kind of person that buys whipped cream in the can and sprays it directly in their mouth on a midnight fridge run, we love you too. Get your finger on the trigger.

Let’s start filling the toast with a bit of whipped cream of your choosing.

Add Pumpkin Pie filling.

More cream…

We put our French Toast lid back on her before loading with even MORE WHIPPED CREAM!

And some Caramel Sauce baby!

The whipped cream melts really fast over the warm toast but nobody minds a bit of a hot mess in this situation.

Add your chopped candied Pecans… epic.

Call someone special to share with…

Dig in fam!

We destroyed it. Scroll back to the top to see Chef Swaps reaction again. LOL.

And last but not least… Remember to always Kiss the Cook!

Happy holidays and happy eating!

Wishing you all the best in 2023.

Fia Pagnello, Founder and CEO

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