Let’s chat about chaat! Our hottest new food station by Sous Chef Swapnil

I don’t know how it took me 41 years to discover Pani Puri, but thanks to our Sous Chef Swapnil I will be eating it regularly for the rest of my days. It’s just so freaking good!

It didn’t take me long after the first few bites to proclaim “this is a new Kiss the Cook food station!”. It may very well be the most flavorful and delicious interactive station we’ve ever presented. But, here’s the only thing – nobody seems to know what it is! So, in this blog we’re going to chat about chaat!

This popular Indian street food consists of a crispy puffed ball (Puri) made from semolina and rice flower. It’s filled with an assortment of savory, tangy, sweet, crispy toppings and a spicy “water” (pani). A noteworthy filling that makes our Pani Puri extra special is Chef Swapnil’s delicious Masala of chickpeas, potatoes, and spices. He also scratch-makes delicious Tamarind chutney, Green chutney and a cold sweet Yogurt, sure to light up all your senses. Other ingredients include pomegranate, red onion, mango, cilantro or pickled jalapenos allowing you to customize and try different combinations. To finish, we garnish with crispy Sev (fried gram flour fritters) for even more texture and crunch.

While the origin of this delicious snack is yet to be pinpointed with historical accuracy, pani puri travelled across India and made the country fall head over heels in love with it. Over time, the combinations have undergone many changes as each region developed its own version according to its preferences. Even the name of the dish can vary according to it’s coordinates.

In southern India this innocuous street food is also considered a great leveler – at a pani puri stall, you will see besuited businessmen step out of luxury cars to join the queue alongside the city’s poorest residents.

Part of the fun in eating Pani Puri is that they have the best texture. Perfectly sized for popping the whole thing in your mouth in one bite, you won’t believe how much flavor is packed into this sensational morsel. Think of it as a party in your mouth.

On a dietary note, these are vegan. We are thrilled to be expanding our vegetarian / vegan offerings with bites so delicious that people of all diets are sure to enjoy.

Chef Swapnil takes so much pride in the preparation of every ingredient. When asked, what his favorite part about Pani Puri was he quickly answered in relation to the guest experience. “I love to see the reaction of guest as they take their first bite and realize they are hooked!”.

This colorful station is sure to be the talk of any event and a memorable experience for all.

This just about covers the awesome treat that is Pani Puri, but what about the amazing man behind the makings? Chef Swapnil Paradkar joined the Kiss the Cook family back in 2019 and has quickly risen up the ranks to our Sous Chef based on his outstanding performance as a leader in the kitchen.

His impressive culinary background includes training and working at Four Seasons in Mumbai India as well as his previous role as Chef de Partie at Four Seasons Mauritius. He’s a very passionate chef with great attention to detail and presentation. I’m always surprised by the depth of flavor he accomplishes with anything he makes – from insanely good salad dressings to sensational curries and stir fries showcasing his background with complex dishes made to look easy. His Chana Masala has been a client favorite and staple on our Corporate menu since soon after he joined our team.

Chef Swapnil came to Canada with a dream to immigrate and become a citizen. This meant sacrificing two years away from family to establish himself, and put down roots. As a family man – husband and father to a beautiful young daughter this was a difficult journey. I was honored to sponsor him and help make his dream come true when in late 2021 he received his permanent residency. There is nobody more hardworking or deserving of the success he has accomplished in such a short time.

Be on the lookout for more incredible creations from our exceptional Chef Swapnil and culinary team in the days ahead. We are excited to continue to bring even more flavor to your plates with his creative and unique flare. We’re just giving you another reason to want to Kiss the Cook!

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Fia Pagnello, Founder and CEO

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