daily catering program

Want to attract staff with workplace incentives? Try daily catering programs

They’re offering swag, free vacations, in some cases cash bonuses or the chance to win cars. Employers are working harder than ever to attract staff back to the workplace as offices reopen with the coronavirus pandemic winding down. Elaborate (and costly) workplace incentives aside, one of the most beneficial tools to engage and motivate workers are daily catering programs.

Why? With Canada’s unemployment at pre-pandemic lows of only 5.3 per cent in March, it’s a seller’s labour market. Companies—especially in the technology and knowledge sectors, but also in areas such as manufacturing and trades—are competing to recruit and engage talent. Many have embraced hybrid and other flexible working models to give staff the option of working remotely at least some of the time. Yet some employees are opting to continue working from home in spite of the workplace incentives designed to tempt them to make the commute to work.

Getting them back means reminding them what an amazing workplace experience you have to offer. When it comes to daily catering programs, it’s no longer enough to offer a few boxed sandwiches and a snack display with potato chips. If your staff are going to be required to spend their time at—or travelling to—your workplace, they’re looking for appealing incentives that make a real difference in their daily lives.

daily catering program

Catering to your team’s well-being

One of the key themes that emerged during the pandemic was the growing focus on personal wellness. Companies that find innovative ways to promote employee well-being are better positioned for success on the human resources front. Indeed, building a strong employer brand nowadays means reviewing workplace group benefit and other incentive programs and tailoring them to the needs (and personal and professional lifestyle goals) of your team. Here’s the good news: our daily catering programs are fully customizable, flexible and designed to work with your any hybrid-work model. They’re also built around wellness.

From a logistical perspective, we understand that staff headcount is fluctuating significantly from one day to the next as some team members opt to work from home at different times. We can accommodate those ever-shifting numbers with minimal notice thanks to our account management service and software.

While our build-your-own buffets are once again in high demand among staff working from the office, our boxed meals are perfect for workplaces where hybrid arrangements are the new norm. Our meal packs are neatly packaged and conveniently-labelled to ensure food safety (think allergies or specific dietary restrictions) and arrive in heat-safe containers. That means your team can take these parcels of culinary joy home to eat later, which is ideal if they’re only visiting the office for a few hours on a given day.

Whether you have a team of 10 or 500, we can serve up one of our packaged daily catering programs and tailor it to your team’s preferences from there. Yes, it really is that easy! Our aim is to provide you with turnkey program management, taking the burden out of offering catered meals, while serving as an important part of your employee wellness and workplace incentive toolkit. And our offering isn’t limited to breakfasts, lunches and dinners (although we’re about to introduce you to some of our most mouth-watering meal offerings in just a moment).

You have the opportunity to team-build after hours—encouraging your team to socialize now that restrictions have lifted—with our happy hour cocktail receptions. Serve up a selection of our creative libations and bite-sized delicacies like our Mini Char-Cute-Rie Boards, Smokehouse Sliders or Spring Pea Risotto Cakes.

Catering from every culture, for every taste

But when it comes down to it, workplace incentives only work when employees love them. We can guarantee they’re going to fall in love with our new Spring/Summer Menu. Our new Executive Chef Chris Canham has been working overtime to put a smile on your employees’ faces—and we feel that he’s totally hit the mark!

Before we get into our favourite new menu items, know that our offerings are extremely diverse and varied, featuring cuisine from every corner of the world and all the Kiss the Cook favourites you’ve come to know and love. Our Melting Pot Program serves up trending food from different cultures, while our Wellness Package is jam-packed with nutritious, lighter, super-food laden plates that are bursting with flavour.

Our daily catering programs are like eating at a different restaurant every day. Only you can rest assured that our timeliness, food quality, refined packaging and concierge service experience will always remain consistent.

Now to the food. Our breakfast sandwiches and Signature Parfait Cups are the perfect way to start the day for those on the go, while our Deluxe Hot Breakfast options feature frittatas, fluffy scrambled eggs and enough crispy bacon to add a whole new level of deliciousness to a staff sit-down breakfast.

For lunch, our fully-customizable Buddha Bowls are a key part of our wellness programs. They’re nutrient-rich and packed with protein (you HAVE to try the Japanese Mazeman and Mariachi Bowls!), while our gourmet sandwiches, wraps and Delivery Bites Platters (our Avocado Fresh Rolls and Middle East Platter are to die for) always top lunchtime popularity lists.

Is your team burning the midnight oil? No worries, we’ve got you covered with hot meal options like our Caprese Chicken, Build Your Own Fajitas and vegetarian faves like Eggplant Parmesan and Tikka Masala. Top it all off with our delectable Mini New York Cheesecakes or Gluten-Free Squares.

Our Spring/Summer Menu has something for everyone. Best of all, it’s a great way to get your team together around the meal table, sharing ideas and bonding over incredible food. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s bring daily catering back to your workplace.

Fia Pagnello, Founder and CEO

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