Hawaiian themed event, poke party

From James Bond to Hawaiian Luau, themed events are all the rage!

Everybody loves a good party, but the ones we tend to remember are those with a unique and memorable angle. They might involve a toga (think back to your university days), a movie (“The name’s Bond, James Bond”) or a destination (get your leis ready, Hawaii lovers!). The fact is themed events are always a popular option for social gatherings, corporate events or even weddings—we’re seeing an increasing number of the latter as couples look to put a distinctive spin on their big day. With a fun theme and great food to match, what’s not to love?

Hawaiian themed event, poke party

You may be wondering what it takes to make a truly memorable themed event. We’re glad you asked, because we just happen to be specialists at doing exactly that. And don’t just take our word for it. When we were named one of ‘The Best Catering Companies in Toronto’ by BlogTO this year, the publication had this to say about your favourite catering company:

“If you want to be catered to completely, look no further than this company that can even handle the decor and entertainment for almost any event. They can even pull off “Garden Party” and “Southern Comfort” themes.”

Back to what it takes to make a themed event great. In our view, it starts by sitting down to determine your goals for the gathering. If it’s a corporate get-together, are you hoping to make a major splash with your top clients? What theme would align with your brand and leave party-goers talking about it for months to come? If it’s a social doo, is the event in honour of any one person—a child’s birthday, for example? If so, what do they love and how can we incorporate that theme into the party to make it the talk of the playground?

The same goes with weddings. If you’re tying the knot, perhaps it’s possible to weave in a favourite food, a pastime that you both enjoy, a cultural element or a special moment (building the theme around the place where you met, for example) to make the evening truly special.

Themed event under the sea dance

From there it’s all about putting the planning into motion, building a customized menu and ensuring that every point is addressed with the utmost detail. You’ll need a budget, a venue and an estimated guest list. And don’t forget about key considerations such as the venue design and food service preferences. Will it be a plated meal, a buffet, or maybe passed hors d’oeuvres? The good news is we’re here to help you manage all of these elements, and a whole lot more. That’s especially crucial when a themed party is taken to the next level and requires research to source the extra added touches that can take a good party to otherworldly levels of epic.

OK, so you’re down with the notion of throwing a fun, themed event. But now you might be at a loss to determine exactly what that theme might be. Good thing we have you covered with some outstanding themed event ideas:

It’s all about the destination!

The aforementioned Hawaiian party is always popular—especially in the middle of winter when we’d all prefer to be sharing poke on a beach in Waikiki. No matter the destination, we love the idea of choosing a spot that makes sense for your team, your family, your friends or yourselves and celebrating that culture with an authentic, full-on party that would make the residents of that country or region proud (and envious that they aren’t there to take in the festivities).

Themed event Hawaiian poke party

We’ve worked with many couples who wanted to plan their wedding with a unique cultural theme, celebrating their ethnicity and ancestral homes such as Italy or India. We absolutely love the challenge of recreating traditional dishes and adding cross-cultural flare to the proceedings. Of course, some couples wonder whether we can cook food authentic enough to impress their guests—nonnas and naanas can be particularly tough to please.

We remind them that we always handle food preparation in-house, but if we aren’t absolutely certain we can deliver the authentic goods, we have a network of culinary partners that specialize in foods from across the globe—and their culinary skills never fail to please our clients’ diverse palates.

A themed event that’s licensed to thrill!

Themed event James Bond martinis

Movie-themed events have to be some of the most popular we cater because they appeal to a wide variety of tastes, lend themselves to fun costume opportunities and also allow the hosts to get creative with the menu. We’ve catered more than one Bond-themed event replete with martinis (shaken, not stirred) and other treats that would satisfy the taste buds of any international superspy. But the possibilities don’t end there. We’ve seen some fun Bollywood-themed events, not to mention Game of Thrones parties for fantasy lovers, or Friends or Seinfeld-themed events for retro-TV fans.

We’ve catered an amazing Back to the Future-themed wedding, which happened to be the couple’s favourite movie and symbolized their shared love of the movies (and Marty McFly). We couldn’t quite fit a Delorean into the venue, but we did create an entire menu tied to memorable moments from the trilogy that kept a smile on the faces of the bride and groom (and their guests!) for the entire evening.

Now, I should point out that movie-themed events also a popular option for kids’ events. Because who doesn’t want a Lego or Paw Patrol-inspired party? Back in the day it was all about getting a cake with your favourite cartoon character on top. Those are still de rigueur, of course, but now it’s all in the details with complete experiences built around top toys and shows.

Go epic with your favourite epoch

Parties that celebrate a particular period of history never fail to please. From the aforementioned Roman-themed toga parties to ‘70s disco bashes, we’ve catered a range of parties that pay homage to a moment in history or a specific decade. One of my favourites was a Great Gatsby-themed event where guests came decked-out in full 1920s regalia. From flapper dresses to tailored suits that would make a wealthy citizen of West Egg proud, this one had it all!

Themed event 1950s under the sea dance

The best part about a party that celebrates a moment in time is that they tend to appeal to a wide audience and offer flexibility. Looking to incorporate a preferred colour scheme into your historically-themed party? Not a problem. Want to celebrate a destination and period of history at the same time? New York in the 1960s, perhaps with a Mad Men theme rolled in for good measure? It’s all doable with the right party planners and caterers (yep, you guessed it, that would be us!).

No need for a themed event Hail Mary!

There are few cross-cultural events that unite people quite like major sporting tournaments or games. From the World Cup to the Superbowl, we can all break bread and share a beer (or several) over our shared passion for a favourite sporting pastime. That’s why we’ve designed options such as our Tailgating Menu for the sports-lover who’s committed to sharing their athletic obsession with as many people as possible.

themed event tailgating beef sliders

Our menu features go-to favourites from wings and nachos to sliders and gourmet hot dogs. And let’s not forget about our famous barbecue food stations—featuring a range of delicacies such as Grade A steak, smoky chicken and fall-off-the-bone ribs—unimaginably delicious (and customizable) poutine and even concession stands from jumbo pretzels to candy floss. You’ll forget that you aren’t sitting at the stadium!

United by diet

As we become more passionate about fitness, wellness, nutrition and dietary preferences, we’re seeing a growing trend: organizers building parties around their choice eating habits. That means vegan parties, keto parties, paleo parties and more. Rest assured, we specialize in catering them all! Just explain your needs and we’ll handle the rest.

Themed events healthy eating

Here’s the important part: that means doing more than crafting a menu that’s merely diet-compliant. We want to build something that’s inspired and utterly unforgettable. We’re talking the kind of spread where your guests spend most of the night asking our chefs for recipes. Where they can’t keep coming back for more—and maybe putting their waistlines in jeopardy in the process.

Because that’s what creating an exceptional themed event is all about—great people, great food, great fun.

Fia Pagnello, Founder and CEO

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