Daily Catering for the office has never looked better – here is why.

After a year of missing our corporate clients due to what has felt like endless lock downs, we’re finally getting some good news. Our existing daily catering clients are planning for end of summer and early fall returns to the office and we literally cannot wait to get back to catering.

Even better news, is that a trend towards meals as a workplace incentive is emerging. Just this past week we’ve delivered food tastings to two new clients launching daily catering programs in their Toronto hubs in the coming months. They’ll both be serving over 200 people individually boxed lunches, every day of the week. Yipee!

I have seen many office cultures transformed by introducing a lunch perk over the years and Kiss the Cook has made it our mission to specialize in delivering flavor, diversity and the highest standard of quality. From 10 people to our largest account which services over 300 per day, we’re one of the most customizable meal solutions out there.

In this blog you’ll see how we uphold our reputation as Toronto’s leading daily catering source.

Individually Boxed Meals

You’ll be surprised how boxed meals can improve service times when compared to the traditional buffet. Grab and go is much more efficient and also ensures that meals are portioned fairly and plentifully for your team.

With safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind, a boxed meal is the best way to go forward. We’ve gone to great lengths to enforce strict policies and procedures from our operations standpoint. These policies are shared with our clients upfront to give you peace of mind.

Safety First

We plan our daily menus to include healthy, seasonal ingredients with employee wellness as a top consideration. You can expect crowd pleasing dishes like Kiss the Cook’s nourishing Buddha bowls, gourmet sandwiches and fresh salads. Flexibility to customize your unique program may mean that you prefer to only serve hot meals – no problemo! We’ll work together to create the perfect solution.

Investing in your employees happiness is priceless, however you’re likely trying to make it work for a reasonable budget. We cater at a high volume, helping us to keep your costs low. We set a daily budget and work the menu planning around it, so you don’t have to worry about fluctuating prices.

Quality, Value, Flexibility

Kiss the Cook’s winner-winner chicken dinner

Speaking of value, our portions are very big. Many clients rave about having enough food to take home for dinner! Another reason why individually boxed meals work so well!

Dietary restrictions? We cover all the bases – vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, nut free and any allergies. Meals are boxed separately and labeled by name and restriction. We take careful consideration to make sure the alternatives follow the same theme as the main menu. For example, on Enchilada day the vegetarians would still enjoy enchiladas but filled with scrumptious roasted ancho sweet potato and black beans instead of braised beef like the main menu offers.

Diverse Menus

Diverse menus are another forte of our culinary team. We have chefs from all over the world, a vast repertoire of everything from incredible Indian to delicious Italian, so that it feels as if you are dining at a different restaurant each day. That being said, our second to none customer service and reliability are guaranteed to make your program run so much smoother than if you were actually restaurant hopping!

You won’t find boring, old school cafeteria fare with us. Toronto is known for it’s culinary diversity and we love being a part of the scene. Foodies won’t be disappointed with menu items like authentic arepas, roti, tacos, briyani, dim sum and curries.

We also like to make a bit of a fuss over the holiday’s. You must try our “Gobble Gobble Poutine” from last Christmas. A base of triple cooked potato wedges, herb confit turkey, sage and mushroom stuffing croutons, Quebec cheese curds (the squeaky kind!), scratch made gravy, scallions and cranberry ketchup. Insanely good.

We have the experience, expertise and we’re hungry to get back to doing what we do best! Contact me to start planning the best incentive you and your team have ever enjoyed in the workplace.

Thank you so much.


Fia Pagnello, CEO

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