Let’s feast! Upcoming specials for Superbowl and Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it, stay at home orders are starting to drive us all a little “cray-cray”. Will it ever end?! It’s a bit like that famous movie called Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray. Each day is a hauntingly similar version of the last and we’re all running out of patience and missing our freedom (a luxury we may have taken for granted) in the good ol’ pre-pandemic days.

I want to wake up from this nightmare as much as anyone. Seeing a friend or family member over Zoom or Facetime is not the same experience as getting together in person. Remember sharing a great meal in one of Toronto’s many incredible restaurants, or meeting up with co-workers after hours for a pint at the bar? I really miss the scenery, the laughs and the spontaneity that you can’t mimic through a computer screen.

Nevertheless, this is our reality and we just have to face it and do what it takes to beat it. If that means staying home, then our mission is to help turn your free time into a stay-cay with food so scrumptious you’ll forget about your troubles and do a lot more food-dancing (the brief, involuntary dance that happens to no music, caused by tasting something insanely yummy)!

Don’t cast away the upcoming events or holidays because it’s time to make some new traditions. How can we help? By finding our way to your hearts through your bellies! Skip the line-ups at the grocery store and keep those comfy PJ’s on all day (no judgement here!). We’ll deliver you the ultimate catering package that’s perfectly themed for the occasion.

So, what’s first on the calendar?


For those of you that have had any of our menus with the word “feast” in the title (such as our holiday Festive Turkey Feast), you know you’ll need to schedule some time in advance for fasting before you take on this baby! Our Superbowl menu is the ultimate game day indulgence.

Start with our favorite pregame snack mix, before tearing into the crispy Buffalo wings which come ready to be tossed in the most awesome “OG Maple Habanero” hot sauce – curated by our very own Chef Amancio dos Santos. You’ll appreciate our “Not Your Average” veggies and dip, as they are like the couture version of the common celery and carrots on the side. The sheet pan nacho kit gives you our scratch made corn chips along with my favorite slow-cooked beef & bean chili, and all the other nacho fixings you could desire, ready to be assembled and baked to perfection. We provide super-easy instructions and with all the prep work done for you, it makes the assembly fun and the cook time as full of anticipation as scoring the next down!

You can’t stop noshing there! Our Aloha sliders are made to punch you in the mouth with flavor (in the most lovingly way possible, of course). We slow braise the pulled pork, toss it in KTC BBQ sauce and layer up the squishy mini brioche buns with zingy pineapple chutney, caramelized pineapple, pickled red onion and creamy BBQ mayo. Aloha deliciousness.

There is still more… And by more, I mean much MORE! Never has there been a more decadent, loaded version of mac n’ cheese than our new Touchdown 7-cheese – our piece de resistance. Challenge your family members to a half-time cheese pulling contest and be sure to tag us in the photos!

To finish and celebrate the winning team, throw down a football shaped brownie. It’s all in a good days eats.

This menu is available from February 1st thru 7th 2021. Meaning, you don’t necessarily need to be a Superbowl fan to give it a go. You might like to partake for Hockey night, or maybe just a weekend treat – either way, get it while it lasts.

Special number two? Our Valentine’s Date Night in!

I love this menu.

Turn on some Jazz Crooners, set the table fancy, maybe even dress up in your finest threads for a little added zhuzh. Or, take the opposite approach and wear nothing but an apron – you’re in the privacy of your own home and that means you make the rules.

Light the candles, pop open your favorite bottle of vino or champs and hold a toast to the one you adore. It’s time to treat yourselves to a legendary Valentine’s day dinner at home.

I should take a brief pause from menu swooning, to point out a helpful tip for those of you that don’t have the whimsical tableware to elevate your dining game. Not to worry! Our friends at Chairman Mills have a remedy for this very situation. Their new Go Out At Home program features rentals designed and packaged up for as few as 2 settings. We really like the Woodsy Wonder setting for V-day because it’s classy, romantic and a little rustic. They have many additional options to choose from as well.

Woodsy Wonder

Now, back to the menu.

I love to start off a meal with high quality cheese and charcuterie. I always want my date night dinners to last as long as possible and I find that a sharing platter gives you the perfect pace to taste and sip and discuss each of the jewels on the plate that have been carefully selected and presented by the chef.

Glasses topped up, you’ll be ready for course number two! A beautiful salad – sweet, salty, tangy, crunchy and balanced just right. You may have noticed we’ve weaved in a little prosciutto, which was left out of the first course intentionally to be featured here. The truth of the matter is, when I was presented with salad options, our chef had me at – “red wine poached pear”. Yes, please.

If I ever open a restaurant it will probably be called “Braised”. I love all things braised, because of the stupendous depth of flavor. Winter is like a braising wonderland. Therefore, we have chosen beef short rib as the main course, to be classically braised in red wine for the dreamiest of fall apart, mouthwatering bites. The plate also features delicately poached ginger butter shrimp, decadent potato gratin dauphinoise (baked layers upon layers of potato, cream and cheese), and French green beans almondine. Bon Appetite!

You may need a break after the first three courses, but once you see dessert your eyes are sure to become larger than your stomach. Besides chocolate covered strawberries are technically just a fruit right? You only live once, so feed each other those berries and dive into the mini cheesecakes too. Life is good.

If these menus can’t make you forget all about what’s happening out there in the world – I don’t know what can!

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Thank you so much!

Fia Pagnello, CEO

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