turkey feast

Our Festive Turkey Feast is back for Thanksgiving and the holiday season!

It never ceases to amaze me the degree to which memories are shaped by our senses. Sight is an obvious one, but also smell and taste. Think of the scent of your grandad’s aftershave, the taste of a dish that only your mom could cook to perfection, or the smell of her Thanksgiving turkey roasting for the better part of a day. Because let’s face it: cooking a turkey dinner tends to be a full-day affair. More on that in a moment.

Holiday Catering

The smells of crisping skin, roasting potatoes, steaming veg and bubbling gravy coming together to create a mouth-watering household aroma are unmistakable and unforgettable. So are the tastes. Those dinners weren’t just delicious and comforting. When I sit down to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with my family, my mind is flooded with memories of raucous family get-togethers and utterly delicious meals that I hoped would never end. When it’s done right, a big and bountiful turkey dinner just tastes and smells like home.

Nowadays, we’re proud to be a huge part of so many of our clients’ Thanksgiving traditions. Families are more time-pressed than ever. Many don’t have time to spend hours toiling over a bird big enough to feed a family; you have to really love cooking to spend a full day tending to a roast. As their favourite caterer, we’re called upon year after year to deliver turkey dinner and all the trimmings, so they can focus on spending more time together, leaving the preparation and clean up to us.

Of course, it’s not only time-pressed families that ask us to handle the cooking. Many of our corporate clients have made it a workplace tradition to carve a tasty turkey and share a catered lunch or dinner with their employees and co-workers. It’s the perfect opportunity for staff-wide togetherness, to share ideas and to strengthen inter-office friendships. It’s also a wonderful gesture on the part of an employer. It screams appreciation for their staffers.


Now, you may be wondering why we’re Toronto’s favourite Thanksgiving caterer (we can’t back that claim up with data, but trust us on this one—clients LOVE our food!). Put simply, we’ve perfected a turkey dinner experience that simply can’t be matched. It’s probably because we’ve had plenty of practice. Over more than a decade, we’ve prepared tens of thousands of our Festive Turkey Feasts (our most popular turkey meal option)—sometimes thousands in just one day! Whether you’re looking to feed a crowd of 10—our minimum for serving up a Festive Turkey Feast—or 1,000 guests for corporate celebrations, we always deliver on-time and on-budget.

Turkey Plate

Having a state-of-the-art industrial kitchen—we call it our Food Studio—always helps, but so does having cutting-edge industrial ovens that allow us to cook as many as 50 25-pound turkeys at once. But no matter the number of people we’re asked to serve, we never compromise our tried-and-true preparation and service process. That’s focused on ensuring that every dish we cook is jam-packed with the goodness of a great home-cooked meal. We’re also not shy with the portions. That’s right, just like mom, we make sure you and yours will leave the table fully satisfied and knowing they’ve gotten full value from their Kiss the Cook experience.

To make your Thanksgiving dinner taste even better, we’ve made sure to keep pricing on our Festive Turkey Feast as competitive as possible—because nothing leaves a sour taste quite like an over-priced, ungenerous catered meal. How do we do it? We serve up so many Feasts that we receive amazing volume pricing that we can then pass on to you. Consider it an early holiday gift! For only $25 per person, you can expect:

turkey feast

Your choice of entrée:

Our famous perfectly-roasted turkey carved to perfection with white and dark meat separated


Whole roasted turkey ready to carve


Vegetarian option:

Individual veggie pot pies with mushroom gravy


Vegan option:

Roasted stuffed squash with ancient grains, roasted winter vegetables, thyme and sage

Served with:

  • Turkey gravy
  • Kiss the Cook’s best-ever stuffing
  • Homemade cranberry orange sauce
  • Creamy mashed potatoes
  • Green beans with caramelized onions and almonds
  • Honey glazed carrots
  • Fresh baked dinner rolls and whipped butter
  • Mixed green salad with fennel, citrus, pomegranate, goat cheese and honey-champagne vinaigrette

Choice of dessert:

Assorted festive cookies OR seasonal date squares


That’s an incredible spread that would impress any mom or dad who takes great pride in their culinary prowess. Visit our website and have a look at our complete mouth-watering holiday menu for even more options.

Christmas turkey dinner

Now, there’s only one catch—our Festive Turkey Feast sells out really fast. In fact, we only have a few spots left for Thanksgiving. So, if you want to gobble up our mom-inspired turkey goodness, book now. Or think ahead and start planning for your family or corporate holiday party. Place your orders early to ensure that you don’t miss out on the magic of the holidays. Because no one should have to spend that precious time toiling over a turkey.

Let us do the cooking, so you can focus on living the moment and loving the food.

Fia Pagnello, Founder and CEO

Contact us now to book a Festive Turkey Feast for your family or employees!