Order virtual catering and bring back everyone’s favorite part of the meeting. The food.

Zoom meeting after zoom meeting, feels a lot less like being in a social and collaborative office environment and more like a never-ending string of boardroom meetings.

There are clearly some advantages to working at home. Perhaps you are saving on a lengthy commute, not to mention the expense. However, there are also a few advantages to be missed from the old office working days. Topping the list of those perks, the boardroom lunch.

Breaking bread brings people together. It energizes and boosts productivity and it’s proven to be one of the most appreciated and valued incentives in any company. Whether your boss had generously treated the team to daily lunches, or you got to partake in a fabulous celebratory spread with each milestone, it’s obvious that food culture is a big deal.

At Kiss the Cook Catering, we’re seriously missing being a part of the office food scene. Many of our clients are more like family, and to go from seeing and communicating with you daily, to one “out of office” alert after another – it’s like being thrust into the twilight zone.

Covid has changed life as we know it, and eventually (hopefully soon) we will beat it together. That being said, we can take back control over the small stuff that makes life a little more enjoyable each day. For us, and for many of you that means – awesome eats.

So how do we bring back the boardroom lunch? Let’s dive into our new Virtual Catering program!

You can now order from either our Corporate or At Home Meals Solutions menus or customize a package and have catering delivered to private residences across the GTA. Our rates are highly competitive and we can serve up to 500 addresses per day. Do you have staff that live outside Toronto such as Hamilton, Barrie, Oshawa? Not to worry, we can accommodate those locations as well. We simply ask for one week’s notice for orders with more than 10 deliveries, to ensure we have time for the logistical coordination.

Is branding or gifting a part of your plan? Send us a custom gift such as a personalized card, branded apparel or bottle of bubbly and we’ll be sure to include it with your catering order.

Organization, punctuality and reliability are key to the success of a Virtual Catering program. That’s why we created a custom form for you to fill out, which narrows down any margin for error. It includes all the information required to confirm your order including, contact details, menu selection, dietary restrictions and allergies to help make the planning process smooth and efficient.

All menus are delivered cold with easy reheating instructions supplied when necessary. Winter favorites like our braised beef bourguignon, individual pot pies and Alaskan Cod have been among the most popular and best loved dishes so far this season. We’re always happy to help make recommendations and provide options to suit everyone’s preferences.

Keep employees safe and happy at home by offering a daily meal program. For example; deliver meals on Sunday for Monday thru Wednesday. Schedule another drop on Wednesday to cover Thursday and Friday. These daily programs take advantage of an exclusive menu curated by our executive chef. The diverse meal offerings feel like you are dining at a new restaurant each day. You’ll also take advantage of our volume based competitive pricing.

So whether you’re looking to add a Taco Tuesday as a reward for your hardworking home based team or send a wine and cheese care package to your clients, we’ve got you covered!

Pork tacos

Contact us for a no obligation proposal and we’ll show you how you can bring back everyone’s favorite part of the boardroom meeting – the food!

Sending you all virtual hugs,

Fia Pagnello, CEO

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