Kiss the Cook launches a new individually boxed 5 day meal program

Thanks to what can be aptly described as a “cult following” to our family-style weekly specials, the pivot to launching a daily meal plan seemed like an obvious progression.

In these unprecedented times, the only way to keep business going is to listen, adapt and quite frankly – give the people what they want! Awesome tasting food, plentiful portions and really, really great prices.

Since the never-ending stay at home order continues, I think we need to bask in simple pleasures to our keep spirits up. Food is definitely a proven ticket to happiness and comfort, so it makes sense to eat well and spend your free time taking care of self.

Imagine having your own executive chef at home, for as little as $14 per meal. That dream can now be your reality, thanks to Chef Amancio dos Santos and our incredible culinary team that have put their hearts and souls into making this new 5 day meal plan a scrumptious success.

Here’s what all the hype is about…

Each meal is individually packaged in reusable, recyclable containers. Reheating is as simple as 1 to 2 minutes in the microwave, or transferring to an oven safe dish and placing in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 375F, or until hot. We’ll deliver for 1 person, so there’s no need to worry about order minimums.

Menus are available for pick-up by appointment at 2490 Kingston rd. or delivery two days of the week – Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Advance notice is required, so you’ll need to plan ahead and be sure to order by Friday for Tuesday, or Wednesday for Friday order availability. Menus cannot be future dated as a new special will run each week. You’ll see the dates and cut-off times listed on each special, so be sure to follow those order guidelines.

Example of a 5 day meal plan Protein bowl featuring tuna poke

We always use seasonal, high quality products and scratch made recipes. Meals should be refrigerated and consumed within 5 days.

The 5 day meal program is great for Toronto business professionals looking for prepared lunches or dinners. It has been such a pleasure to cater for thoughtful companies that are ordering on behalf of teams working from home across the GTA. I get emails frequently from recipients saying the food is the highlight of their workday!

We can facilitate safe, timely deliveries to over 300 addresses per day and that number is growing. That’s why large scale companies need not shy away from considering this program as a phenomenal workplace incentive.

This program has also been very popular for seniors requiring home meal solutions as well as busy student’s working from home. From young to old, there’s no age limit on enjoying amazing food!

Kiss the Cook’s winner-winner chicken dinner

The menu always includes; 1 chicken dinner, 1 beef or fish, 1 protein bowl (see Poke Bowl above for example), 1 pasta and 1 chef choice. Examples of chef choice include scrumptious dishes like our Asian crispy beef and broccoli, fajitas, souvlaki, pierogies and more.

Vegetarian? Gluten free? No problem. We cater to any dietary restrictions. Simply add the details to the notes section in the checkout page online when placing your order and an event planner will send you a detailed proposal with substitutions.

If you prefer to skip the weekly online ordering and enroll in the program ongoing, we can set this up at your request. You can cancel at anytime by contacting our office – although we’ll make every effort to keep you addicted to the program for life! It’s going to be hard to ever quit once you’ve started enjoying the luxury of home catering!

The outpouring of love and support we’ve received from our community has been wholeheartedly appreciated by our team. Every note we receive, the brief but sweet interactions we share on pick-ups and deliveries and the referrals have all meant the world to us.

It’s uplifting and heartwarming to get to be a part of the remarkable acts of kindness by many of you. Clients ordering our meal plan for elderly family members that need some extra help, or as a gesture of appreciation to a front line worker. There is so much to learn through this experience and I just want to thank you for being a part of that journey for both myself and on behalf of our entire team at Kiss the Cook.


Fia Pagnello, CEO

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