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Welcome to the new Kiss the Cook Catering

Same great food and events, brand new look

When Fia Pagnello founded Kiss the Cook Catering in 2009, she wanted to share as many of the warm and wonderful experiences that she had growing up, a time spent enjoying countless family functions and holiday get-togethers. That meant doing everything from helping clients stage unforgettable events that turned weddings from merely fun to completely phenomenal, to finding innovative ways to make backyard barbecues truly memorable (for all the right reasons) or transforming otherwise boring corporate events into culinary adventures.

Her inspiration came directly from around the kitchen table. Fia comes by her passion for great food and event planning honestly thanks to a mom and Bubi who obsessed over every dining detail from centerpieces to serving dishes—and everything in between. She figured that if she could make her clients’ events even half as special as those family functions were in the Pagnello household, she could carve a real niche in the industry.

She’s since managed to do exactly that by preparing innovative, mouth-watering food cooked by chefs who truly care about their craft. She blends their kitchen creations with visionary event planning and branding, and then delivers it all with the kind of service excellence and event co-ordination that you’d expect from one of Toronto’s top catering firms.

A lot has changed over the years. We started with only Fia and a couple of passionate cooks in the kitchen. We’ve since grown to managing thousands of successful orders and events per year. Because competition among catering firms in the Greater Toronto Area is notoriously tough, we’ve worked hard to not only keep up with trends, but set new ones. That has meant working with trusted partners in the city from venue managers to restaurateurs, and keeping our eyes on culinary innovations from around the world. Most importantly, it meant listening to our clients, embracing their feedback and taking new ideas to our Food Studio—the in-house kitchen where our chefs work their magic—to constantly create new and even more delicious dishes.

Thanks to awesome clients like you, we’re experiencing mind-blowing growth. That’s why we felt it was time for a new look and feel.

Now, hold on a second. Don’t panic. We’re still going to be delivering the same unique event experiences featuring customized food and cocktail menus, all with the signature service that literally makes our guests want to kiss the cook at the end of events (and yes, this really does happen!). But now we’re going to present it all in a shiny new package.

Welcome to the new Kiss the Cook Catering.

We’ve worked long and hard to understand how our business has evolved, what we do well, and what our events mean to clients like you. Then we put it all together and came up with a new look and feel that better reflects where we’ve been, where we are as a company, and most importantly, where we’re going in the years ahead.

So, what does this mean for you? Lots.

First, we’re going to be communicating far more frequently—and we don’t mean tweeting what we ate for lunch. Mind you, if it was delicious, that could be an option. This is the first in a new blog series we’re calling Read The Cook. We’ll be delivering our insights on everything from food trends to cool ideas like event food stations.


Planning a wedding? Stay tuned for ideas and inspiration on how to make your magical day unforgettable. Need to impress a client, perhaps with a show-stopping plated dinner, or an impressive party to celebrate your latest workplace success? Then get ready for a few novel event strategies to make it happen. And, of course, we’ll be serving up ideas on turning your holiday feasts into family-pleasing winners, not to mention sharing some of our favorite Kiss the Cook recipes. We’ll even be introducing you to some other Greater Toronto Area chefs that we love (although there’s none quite as special as the ones in our Food Studio), not to mention spotlighting some of the city’s top event venues.

One more thing: we’ll soon be relaunching our newsletter. You can expect unique articles, exclusive coupons to use towards your next Kiss The Cook event, company news and much, much more.

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So, there you have it. Our boutique company is taking a very big step forward and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store next. Like our new tagline says, we’re taking the time to live the moment and love the moment. We can’t wait for you to join us as this amazing journey continues.

Until next time,

The Kiss the Cook team