Amancio dos Santos

It goes without saying that Kiss the Cook takes real pride in creating the best culinary experience possible for our food-loving clientele. To do it, we need the best in the business creating wonderful new dishes and cooking consistently delicious cuisine. In Executive Chef Amancio dos Santos we found the perfect combination of experience, expertise and an ability to both innovate and inspire in the kitchen.

A native of India’s Goa state and raised in Dubai, Chef Amancio brings a palette as diverse as it is attuned to the latest gastronomic trends and the tastes of our dedicated clientele. After relocating to Canada in 2004, Chef Amancio attended the Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts at Toronto’s George Brown College, enrolling in the reputed school’s Italian cuisine program. It was there that he learned both an appreciation and a passion for the more technical aspects of Italian cooking—from the art of risotto-making to the complexity of hand-crafting pastas—along with the fineries of French and other old-world cuisines.

Upon graduating, Chef Amancio built his resume in the service of a number of top Toronto restaurants including C5 at the Royal Ontario Museum, Perigee in the Distillery District and Black Hoof Inc.’s Raw Bar and Hoof Café. As a sous chef for eight years at the prestigious Drake 150, Chef Amancio would serve under renowned chef and future mentor Ted Corrado.

Taking influence from high-profile celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver—along with his friend and Toronto restaurant scene collaborator Chef Jonathan Pong—Chef Amancio is committed to putting his unique spin on everything from comfort food faves such as our amazing pot pies, succulent turkey feasts and slow simmered sauces, to more complex plates like his mouth-watering beef bourguignon and expertly-crafted desserts. He’s obsessive about service excellence and presenting dishes with flare, and insists on maintaining an inclusive, positive and engaging kitchen environment for our team.

Ted Corrado once commented: “Amancio cooks from the soul.” There’s probably no better way to sum up the key ingredient that makes him the perfect fit for Kiss the Cook.