• 5 Day Meal Special


    Order by Thursday November 25th for pick up/delivery on Wednesday December 1st 2021

    What’s included? 1 chicken dinner, 1 beef or fish dinner, 1 pasta dinner, 1 protein bowl, 1 chef special
    Individually packaged in microwave-safe, reusable containers

    MEAL 1
    Piri Piri Chicken Quarters (H, GF) – 6oz. per person
    Portuguese Parisienne roasted potatoes (Ve, GF)
    Grilled Broccoli (Ve, GF)

    MEAL 2
    Braised Pulled Mole Beef (H)
    Served over rice with fresh herbs and black beans
    Ancho Grilled Vegetables (Ve)

    MEAL 3
    Big Mac Bowl – Iceberg Lettuce, Romaine, Smashed Beef burger, Cheddar, pickled onion, dill pickle coins, Mac Sauce

    MEAL 4
    Cavatelli Di Manzo
    House Made, Hand Crafted Noodle, Beef Chuck
    Braised with Chianti & Rosemary, San Marzano
    Tomatoes, Parmigiano

    MEAL 5
    Lemon Garlic Tilapia, garnished with fresh lemon (GF)
    New Potatoes with dill (Gf, Ve)
    Citrus Green beans (GF, Ve)